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  •   Our Mission:
    Explore the interaction between pathogen and host for understanding the basis of pathogenesis and immune response against respiratory infection, as well as for developing better control strategies.   Research and extension:
    Immune pathogenesis of respiratory viral-bacterial co-infection
    Mechanisms of innate immune response against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, Japanese encephalitis virus and influenza virus.
    Epidemiology and control strategies of vector-borne zoonosis (Japanese encephalitis)
    Antibiotic resistance of bacteria
    Development of new vaccine and diagnosis.   Our Team:
    Leader: Zhiyong Ma
    Member: Yafeng Qiu, Jianchao Wei, Beibei Li, Donghua Shao, Ke Liu   International Collaborations:
    Collaboration with the Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD), France and the National Veterinary Institute (SVA), Sweden on Japanese encephalitis.
    Precipitation of EU FP-7 project – LinkTADs.
    Establishment of the Joint Laboratory of Animal Infectious Diseases between SHVRI and SVA.                      Ph. D, Professor Chief-scientist, Deputy Director
    Email: zhiyongma@shvri.ac.cn
    Phone: 021-34293139 (O)