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  •                Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute (SHVRI), formerly Shanghai Institute of Domestic Animal Parasitology, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), was founded in 1964. As one of the four national institutes of veterinary research, SHVRI is the only one located at the south to the Yangtz River. Currently, SHVRI has 131 full-time employees, including 90 scientific researchers, led by 18 professor-ranked principle investigators. In the spring, 2006, SHVRI also serves as the branch of the China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center and is in charge of animal diseases surveillance in the southern china. SHVRI focuses on basic, applied and bio-technological research in the field of veterinary medicine. In addition, it has been endeavored for translational works of veterinary scientific and technological achievements and industrial development. In accordance with the Chinese government’s strategic directives and the principle of knowledge innovation, SHVRI will become one of national bases for innovative research in animal medicine. With full passion and endeavor, all the faculties of SHVRI are keeping pace with the era, working hard on innovative researches, dedicating themselves to the cause of building SHVRI into a first-class veterinary medicine innovation center with top-class talented researchers, equipments and instruments, administration, achievements, and reputation.                

    Director: Dr. Zhiyong Ma