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  •    Our Mission:
    Food safety is one of the most important concerns of human being. Our interesting mainly focus on the foodborne pathogens and their toxiferous products. The works aim to research the biology of zoonotic pathogens, investigate and determine the biohazard agents existing in animal products at the entire animal industry strand and their transmission route, evaluate the safety of animal products, develop the techniques of detection, tracing and precaution, and then provide the techniques and strategies to support the animal foods safety.

    Research and extension: 1. Biology of zoonotic pathogens, including foodborne parasites, pathogenic bacteria and their toxiferous products.
    2. Identifications, characteristics and action mechanisms research of functional molecules related with invading, pathogenicity and toxicity, drug resistance, immune protection of zoonotic pathogens.
    3. Development of detection, typing and tracing techniques for biohazards of animal products. 4. Survey of the biohazards existing in animal products at the entire animal industry strand and safety evaluate of animal products.5. Development of prevention and control methods, including novel vaccine of foodborne pathogens. Our Team:
    Zhaoguo Chen, Ph.D, Professor; Xiangan Han, Ph.D, Professor;
    Beimin Zhang, Associate Professor;
    Jie Zhou, Associate Professor;
    Huiming Gu, Associate Professor; Yan Huang, Assistant Professor; Rongsheng Mi, Assistant Professor; Haiyan Jia, Assistant Professor; Long Cheng, Research Assistant; Yehua Zhang, Research Assistant.    

    Chief-scientist          Zhaoguo Chen, Ph. D, Professor Email: zhaoguochen@shvri.ac.cn
    Phone:+86-21-3429 3157