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  • Our Mission:
    Surveillance and epidemiological studies on animal influenza viruses
    Establishment of international platform to animal influenza and newly emerging viral infectious diseases research
    Diagnosis and control strategies to animal infectious diseases   Research and extension:
    Evolution and ecology of animal influenza viruses
    Pathogenesis and Transmission of avian/swine influenza viruses
    Immune regulation of host infection by animal influenza
    Novel vaccines against animal influenza and aquatic bird’s newly emerging viral infectious diseases
    Co-infections of influenza and other viral agents in animal
    Rapid diagnosis and vaccines development for aquatic bird’s newly emerging viral infectious diseases.   Our Team:
    Zejun Li  Ph.D, D.V.M
    Qinfang Liu  Ph.D, D.V.M
    Hongjun Chen  Ph.D, D.V.M
    Hai Yu  Ph.D, D.V.M
    Qiaoyang Teng  Ph.D, D.V.M
    Jianmei Yang  Ph.D, D.V.M
    Xuesong Li  MS, D.V.M
    Xintao Ni  MS, D.V.M
    Tao Ruan  MS, D.V.M
    Deyi Chen  MS, D.V.M
    Chaochao Ren  MS, D.V.M
    Liwen Zhang   International Collaborations:
    Collaborate with first-class flu-labs of University of Wisconsin-Madison and Mississippi State University in the field of bioinformatics analysis on the virus evolution.
    Establish a joint laboratory of animal influenza with Kansas State University, USA   Contact:                  Ph. D, Professor, Chief-scientist
    Email: lizejun@shvri.ac.cn
    Tel/Fax: +86 21 3429 3446
    Address: No. 518, Ziyue Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, 200241, China;