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  • Our Mission: Research on new Anti-parasitic Drug—AC4
    Research on high concentration of antiparasitic praziquantel injection
    Research on anti-bacterial Cefquinome sulfate dry suspension injection
    Screen and research of new animal drug   Research and extension:
    Anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal drugs
    Research and discovery of new drugs including chemical, biochemical and traditional natural medicines
    Synthesis of chemical drugs
    Vaccine adjuvants and anti-bacterial peptides   Our Team:
        Ph. D, Professor Feiqun Xun
    Backbone expert
        Ph. D, Professor Lifang Zhang
        Professor Chenzhong Fei
        Ph. D, Associate Professor Keyu Zhang
        Ph. D, Assitant Professor Chunmei Wang
        Xiaoyang Wang, Wenli Zheng, Mi Wang (Ph. D), Sui Xiao (Ph. D), Yingchun Liu (Ph. D) Graduate students
    Peipei Cheng, Xiao Zhao, Juan Zhao, Huiya Chen, Na Lei, Lili Liu                                            Ph. D, Professor Chief-scientist
    Email: fqxun@shvri.ac.cn
    Phone: 021-34293