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  • Our Mission:        Our research interests are mainly on the molecular pathogenic mechanism of animal infectious diseases, especially on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases of small animal. The research will provide information for the prevention, control, clinical diagnosis and cure of the infections with RHDV, CDV, CPV, and other avian pathogens.
    Research and extension:
    Molecular pathogenesis of Rabbit Hemorrhagic disease virus
    Pathogenesis, diagnosis and control strategies of Canine Distemper virus and Canine Parvovirus
    Detection methods of Norwalk viruses
    Diagnosis and control Coronavirus   Our Team:
    Guangqing Liu
    Zongyan Chen
    Chuanfeng Li
    Jie Zhu                        Ph. D, Professor Chief-scientist
    Email: liugq@shvri.ac.cn