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  • Shanghai Veterinary Institute's new anticoccidial drugs fill the gap of new coccidiosis drugs in China2020-12-04

    Ethanamizuril, a novel coccidiostat independently developed by Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute of CAAS, was approvaled by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China on November 9, 2020.  Ethanamizuril become a new veterinary drugs which can be used in food animals in the field of chemicals drugs in China, after Quinocetone was approvaled in 2003. It has filled in the gap of a new class of veterinary drugs in China for more than ten years.
    In the commercial broiler industry, Eimeria protozoan is parasitizing on the intestinal epithelium of chicken, which led to considerable impairment of growth and feed utilization, and resulted in significant impact on mortality and morbidity. It is estimated that the substantial economic burden caused by avian coccidiosis was more than $ 3 billion annually to the industry worldwide.  For a long time, the team of professor Xue Feiqun has been committed to the research of anticoccidial drugs.  Through  independent innovation on the chemical structure design, drug screening, drug synthesis and other aspects, Ethanamizuril which has a new structure of triazine anticoccidial drugs was found by professor Xue. Ethanamizuril has displayed excellent efficacy against Eimeria protozoa such as Eimeria tenella, Eimeria. necatrix, Eimeria. acervulina, and Eimeria. maxima in broiler chickens. Typical dosage was reported as 10 mg/kg in the feed or 10 mg/l in the drinking water. At the recommended dose, ethanamizuril could significantly improve feed conversion ratios and live weight, reduce oocyst excretion, and also decrease mortality and lesions in broilers. Furthermore, the preclinical pharmacodynamic studies demonstrated ethanamizuril did not cause cross-resistance with diclazuril or toltrazuril resistant Eimeria. tenella in broilers. 
    Intellectual property rights related to Ethanamizuril have been approved by National Intellectual Property Office of  China, Japan and UK. The transfer of relevant achievements has been completed, and the famous veterinary drug enterprises in China will be responsible for the production, promotion and application. The marketing of Ethanamizuril will strongly alleviate the situation of coccidiosis resistance in China.